Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Five Years of Magical Moments

As with anything trip, you bring home more than just postcards and t shirt souvenirs. You bring home memories that will last you a life time. Memories that are so moving, funny, exciting, or whatever feeling, that compel you to tell everyone about it.......Now is my moment.... But I've been to Disney so many times, how do I narrow it down to one?! Well since you asked, I'll tell you my favorite memory from each trip. (Didn't know what you were getting into when you started reading, huh?)

2007 - The Honeymoon

On September 8, 2007 I said "I do" to my best friend. After a morning wedding and a lunch reception, we got in our limo and headed to the airport. (That is after we asked the driver to stop at Dover's gas station for a pop... Oh yes we did...) That was the most exciting, nervous, exhausted I've ever started out a trip. THEN our fly got delayed.... Ugh!

It ended up being a great trip. My favorite memory that always comes to mind when recalling our trip.... The Sea Racer! We stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside resort. Being on the water, they had all kinds of water crafts to rent. We wanted fast....We got not-so-fast. We laughed and laughed about the "Racer's" speed as we putted along the shore. There are lots of other memories, but this one gets brought up the most!

2008 - The Grand Gathering
A Fall Farm Goods
Pumpkins in Various Sizes
Indian Corn
Variety of Gourds
Corn Stalks
Indiana Made Products
In the fall of 2009, my we were able to go to the World with my parents, sisters and their families, my grandparents and my two aunts. It was so much fun! It got to a rocky start, though. As soon as we landed, all of our phones were ringing like crazy. My grandma (who was already at Disney with my grandpa, parents, sister and brother in law - the rest of us were on the same flight down) had a bad reaction to some medicine she was on. She was in the hospital..... NOT the way to start your vacation. After that was resolved and she assured us after a few days rest she was fine we set about the parks at our usual speedy pace!

(As a side note....They were at the park when the reaction started to become noticeable  I was told that the cast members at Disney were WONDERFUL! They took really good care of her and got her to the hospital. My family feels like she received top-notch care while at Disney!)

My favorite memory from this trip (which again, is hard since I have so many good ones!) happened while we were at The Hoop-dee-doo Revue. One of my favorite dinner shows became even more dear to me when my grandpa was chosen out of the audience to participate. The cast member said she picked him because he looked like Santa! His role - Davy Crockett's Guardian Angel. It was so incredibly funny to see him come out behind the curtain dressed up in a tutu and wings! He played along though and made the audience howl with laughter. The best part, my young niece exclaimed - Look, Grandpa's a butterfly! Priceless!!!

This is at the Hoop-De-Doo but not while he was a "butterfly" I was too busy laughing to get any good shots!

This was also the trip we ate at O'Hanas for the first time. I know that means nothing to the average, non-Disney goer... But trust me, if you've eaten there, its a big deal. The restaurant is one of our absolute favorites! (PS - It was also our one year anniversary!)
I know, not the best pictures... BUT OOOHHH SO GOOD FOOD!

2009 - The Little Bug's First Visit
Shortly after our trip in 2008 (like a week after we got home) I found out I was pregnant with Madelyn (aka - Little Bug). It didn't take long to get the wheels turning for our next trip. It'd be a whole new experience! I couldn't wait to take her.

It rained the first day, but after that it was FANTASTIC! This is probably one of my favorite trips to this day. Madelyn was a happy little baby. Was happy to meet the characters. Loved all the rides. Was fascinated by the music. It just was such a joy to see all the wonder of this new place through her.

My favorite memory came on the very last day of our trip at Crystal Palace. Maddie met Winnie the Pooh. Before he even reached our table she started giggling and swinging her arms. She couldn't wait to get to him. And he was smitten with her as soon as he saw that she was his biggest fan. We got a lot of personal attention from not only the chubby little cubby, but from the rest of the visitors and wait staff as well. They all loved our little girl. Who couldn't!

2010 - The Disney Rookies Going Deluxe
Nothing is more fun than going to Disney with a group. But whats more fun than going with others? Going with those who have yet to sample the Disney Magic! In 2010 we went to Disney World with my mother and father in-law. It was their first trip. This held several great memories for me too. Not only did they get a new experience, but we did the Deluxe Dinning Plan this trip - which was new for us as well. We ate. And ate. And ate some more. We tried a new Signature Dining restaurant every day.

A few of my favorite memories on that trip include: getting a picture of Jon and Betty Jo as they went down Splash Mountain; watching fire works from the Contemporary Resort (a must do once in your life!); and the appetizer at JIKO. But the one I'm going to select as my favorite is Madelyn meeting Cinderella for the first time. She was so in aw of her favorite princess! It was a truly magical moment!

Also - it was my mother-in-law's birthday. I hope for her it was one of her most magical! I also hope we can take her there again someday for another birthday!

2011 - What is the Bean? 
Last year we went to Disney while I was 5 months pregnant. I was nervous about it at first, but once we got there, it went perfect! My parents and sister were able to go. Then my other sister and her family joined us towards the end of the week. It was so much fun being able to still feel like a kid when you have your sisters with you. It was also wonderful for Madelyn to have her best buddy in the whole world there to share the magic. I think the moment she saw her big cousin, Abby, that's what made the trip for her.

My favorite memory of this trip was created on the first morning. We ate (again, with the eating....) at Cinderella's Royal Table for breakfast as we'd done the previous year. It was so enjoyable the first time, that we had to take my family there to experience it too. But this time as we got seated, I excused myself to go to the restroom. What I really did was find a server and hand them an envelope. I explained the contents was an ultra sound picture with the gender of our baby. We didn't know what  it was going to be. We'd like to find out and announce it to our family in a special way. He simply said - it'll be taken care of Princess. Off I went back to my seat - a ball of nerves. The first course was served. I was anxious. As we always do, our family bowed our heads to offer a prayer before we started eating. Right as the Amen was said, our server came out carrying a platter with a silver lid. She said "I noticed you all just said your blessings. I have another blessing here for you." She lifted the cover and set the platter on the table with the picture on top of rose petals. IT'S A GIRL! Our Izzy Bean! All of the servers after that came out to congratulate us. They brought us a princess wand to give the new baby as a gift. It gives me goosebumps still thinking about it. It was very magical!

Our next trip is coming up. I can't wait create more magical moments. It will be Isabella's first trip to Disney. Madelyn is getting to the age where she can do more on her own and ride more rides. And this is the first trip that Marc and I have taken without other adults since our honeymoon. We're also driving this time. I feel about the same as I did on the first trip five years ago - nervous and excited. I can't wait for the memories to begin!

More to come...

Friday, September 28, 2012

WDW or Bust!

Is that time of year again... We're heading to Disney soon. I'm sure many of you are thinking - seriously?! Again?!..... Let me explain.....

My Top Five Reason to Visit Disney World: 

My travel agents at Disney in 2011
  1. Cost: What? Cost? Seriously? Its expensive isn't it? Uhm, no more than other vacations if you know how to plan. I have the best Disney Vacations experts in the world. We go during value season and haven't gone yet without dining free. (Thats right, I said free.) So basically we go all inclusive. Cool, huh?
  2. Location, Location, Location: Florida, enough said. I like being warm. A vacation to me involves warm air and swimming. I don't want to go some where that involves coats and thick socks. In fact, no socks is preferred.
  3. Food: Someone once said "One should eat to live, not live to eat." Well that someone never experienced Disney dining. It is AMAZING! People who have never been are thinking, really? Hamburgers, pop corn and ice cream is it, right? WRONG! I've never in my life had a better steak than I have at Le Cellier steak house (and I won't even describe their pretzel bread and cheddar soup!) I've never dined some where as fancy as Narcoossee's (not that I'll ever eat there again. That kind of place is a little too classy for this girl! But their almond crusted cheese cake....OH MY...) I think you get my point. The dinner theaters are second to none. Their sit down restaurants are out of this world. Not to mention that you can try cuisine from several different countries. And if you have kids they have some wonderful character dining meals that are not only delicious but so much fun! And if sitting down isn't something you want to do, try one of their wraps. I dare you to take a bite and tell me it isn't delicious. OH and the rice krispy treats..... I have tried and tried... There is no making them like the do at WDW......I'm sorry, theres not....(And of course, I still love the standard popcorn, corn dog nuggets, and ice cream on a stick. If you don't like those things... Please hit the small x in the corner of the screen...I don't think we have anything left to say to one another....Ha ha, no seriously....Stop reading my blog....)
  4. All inclusive: I know I already said that term in my first point.... Well, its true. From the moment your plane touches the ground in Orlando, you are taken care of by Disney. No matter if you're staying at the Grand Floridian or if you're going to a value resort. They put you on the Magical Express directly to where you'll be staying. The buses take you to and from the parks and Downtown Disney. Its wonderful not to have to worry about how to get where. Unlike other vacations, you also don't have to rent a car or spend extra time in a vehicle trying to get from one place to the next.
  5. The experience: Whether honeymooners or grandparents taking your grand kids for the fiftieth time, you come back with a different experience each time. We've never come home disappointed. My husband and I have gone solo, we've gone in large parties, and this trip will be the first for just our family of four. Each time has been a blast. Disney offers so many shows, street performances, attractions, and activities, that there is no possible way to get bored. You can take tours, jet ski, bike, and so much more. Its more than the perception of taking a picture with a guy in a Goofy costume. 

My next few posts I'll write about Disney... Just to help get some of this pressure of excitement out of my system! 

Let me know what you think!

More to come...

Has It Really Been 6 Months?!

Boy how time seems to fly. One minute you find out that you're expecting a baby, the next she's three years old and has a 6 month old sister! I used to get told that time moves faster the older you got. In high school I'd just roll my eyes at that notion. (Well that and I was a teenager...rolling eyes is what teens do!) But I now can't believe how true that statement is!

Let me try to catch you up on our family's life the last few months.......

Madelyn Ann

What a happy girl! She's had a blast over the summer months. She had a Max and Ruby Party for her third birthday, learned how to play in a sprinkler, attended her first official VBS, saw the movie Brave in the theater twice in one weekend, won 5th place in a water melon seed spitting contest at the State Fair, visited the dinosaurs at the Creation Museum, caught her first fish, and she was in a four week music and movement class. 

She's a wonderfully happy little girl. She's done incredible with her baby sister. She always tries to help dress and undress her and put her perry (pacifier) in her mouth (even though Isa doesn't care much for the thing.) She's become such a big kid. Currently her favorite movie is Tangled, her favorite thing to eat is saltines or suckers, her favorite thing to do is growl like a dinosaur at EVERYONE. In fact a month or so ago we were in Walmart. As we were getting ready to pass another shopper in the isle, Maddie leaned in and whispered "Mommy, I'm going to growl at this lady." OH DEAR... I quickly turned and decided we needed to go to the next isle! 

She's a big helper. She enjoys helping mommy in the kitchen and I've seen photo evidence that this love has spilled over to her Ma's house. But she mostly loves being outdoors. Sadly this summer we didn't get out as much as I'd like with how hot it was. But this cooler weather has been nice so we've been trying to be outside every evening. Maybe next summer we'll get to log a few more hours swimming though. 

Right now all she can talk about is our Disney trip! 

Isabella Grace-

What a beautiful baby! I'll never forget how upset she was that first day at the hospital that we disrupted her comfortable life! Marc and I looked at each other and said "What are we going to do?" She cried a lot. She wanted to eat a lot.... Who knew that after that first 24 hours past we'd have the happiest, non-crying baby?! 

Don't get me wrong, she still cries. All babies cry. But not as often as we were expecting. The first four months of her life we kept her in our room because she didn't cry at night. She would make a grunting sound and that was it. I'd nurse her and she went right back to bed. From early on she started sleeping 6-8 hours at night. I was so afraid I wouldn't hear her! I finally had to move her from her cradle because she was moving too much to be in it!

She's now eating solid foods for lunch and dinner. (With a recent addition to the amount!) She also can sit up on her own (mostly...she still falls over at times... There are always pillows around that girl!) She rolls over all the time. And is starting to get up on her hands and knees. She also laughs at EVERYTHING! This summer she's been to a movie in the theater, stayed the night at Ma and Pa's house, visited her first county and state fairs, stayed the night in a hotel (twice - impressive for a new baby, isn't it?!), and is getting ready for her first trip to see our favorite mouse at Disney World!

Marc and Chelsea

We've just been adjusting to life with two kids. While I thoroughly enjoyed my maternity leave, I am adjusting okay to being back. I think the majority of that is knowing that my babies are well taken care of by my mom. Its also nice I get to see them both at lunch! I am very blessed!

I'm also blessed with a husband who works hard! Marc had such a busy summer. But I think he'd go nuts if he didn't keep busy. Anyone who has sat beside him know's how fidgety he gets if he's sitting still for too long. I'm so thankful he's able to work from home! 

We also celebrated our 5 year anniversary earlier this month!!! 

So that's the last few months in a nut shell.... Hopefully I'll get better about posting now! You can also visit : http://therobertsrundown.shutterfly.com/ to see our life in photos!

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The Roberts Rundown is now sharing pictures on Shutterfly!


Check out our new photo sharing site!!!

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Isabella is 2 months!

Miss Isa went to her two month appointment the other day. She is 14 lbs 10 oz - which is off the chart for babies her age! She was also 23 3/4 inches long, putting her in the 90th percentile for her age! What a big girl!!!

She's smiling and cooing a lot. She also has awesome control of her head and is upset when she's not setting up to see whats going on! This girl isn't going to miss anything!

More to come...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Madelyn's 3rd Birthday


Mommy and Daddy love you so much little bug! You are the joy of our lives!

More to come...